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"Debbie has been (and still is) an invaluable resource for me for the past three and half years. Her warm, knowledgable, and supportive approach carried me through an extremely difficult year when I was struggling with my teenage son. I worked with Debbie on an individual basis, then integrated my  children into our sessions. They were reluctant at first, but became very receptive to her counseling style immediately. We found solutions to release family patterns that no longer worked for us, and gained communication techniques, which continue to this day. There are people who touch our lives at certain points on our life’s journey. We are forever changed and forever grateful

for having met them and for the growth they have helped us to achieve. 

Debbie Essex is one such person in my life."

–Karen S.

"Debbie Essex is a kind, insightful and empathetic therapist. She has gone above and beyond in supporting me with life's challenges. Debbie works with warmth and compassion.

She has been a true gift to me."

–Gary P.

"Debbie has helped me make some big changes in my life and I will be forever grateful to her. I have gained self-esteem, become more assertive, and am accepting my life and my body in a way that feels much more positive and whole.  I had been ready to grow for awhile, but couldn't do it on my own. Now, I know I will never go back to being my old-self, settling for less that what I need.  If you are willing and open to do the work, Debbie has many years of insight and experience to guide you.  She introduced me to art therapy and Gestalt therapy exercises that helped me air out my inner fears, my hopes and dreams and my self-criticisms. There is something about Debbie's smart, intuitive mindset that allowed me to explore problems in a way I never had before.  I will be ever so grateful to have someone so kind and understanding in my life."

–Laura M.

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"Love life.

Take great pleasure in small offerings.

Believe that the whole world owes you nothing. Understand that every gift given to you is exactly that."

–Maya Angelou

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