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When life gets tough,
I'm here to help.

Throughout life, we are sometimes confronted with what can feel like overwhelming challenges. During times of stress even the best of us can become anxious, angry or confused. When under stress, positive communication with loved ones can break down and relationships can become filled with tension. This can end up making us feel frustrated and unhappy. 


If you’re feeling stuck or are having trouble adjusting to a new transitions, I can help.  

Are you looking for new ways to understand what has been troubling you?  Would you like help learning positive coping strategies to alleviate anxiety, depression and stress? Do you need support healing from a traumatic past, or coaching to overcome fears and self-doubt? I can help guide you to a more authentic state of awareness, and give you tools to improve your feelings towards school, work, relationships, and creative pursuits.

Every family is different. Whether married, single, divorced, adopting, fostering, or creating a blended family, understanding temperamental differences

is essential. I offer parenting support, even when a child’s behavior is quite challenging. I can offer help with setting appropriate limits, improving communication in your family and learning to talk so your children will listen.  

Daily relationship struggles and "walking on eggshells" around a partner is not healthy; it is emotionally draining. Many factors cause stress for couples. Healthy relationships require dedicated effort, positive, clear communication and understanding how to adapt to your partner's unique needs.

Therapy can help you decipher how negative communication patterns, or mis-matched attachment styles could be causing problems in your relationship. Together, we can look at what might be getting in the way of a fulfilling, secure relationship. 

Working From Home

Most clients prefer the convenience of virtual sessions.

I welcome in-person visits for clients with safety protocals in place. 

Doing Homework
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